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The Anciens' Association is made up of almost 7,800 former Course Members who have attended the College since its founding. Many have held or now hold important positions in the Alliance, their own countries, and indeed the world. They represent an essential tool for the Alliance's public relations activities.

The contacts that the Anciens maintain with the College, the new links they forge with Course Members during Field Studies, and the presence of some on the Faculty and Staff provide a good measure of continuity.

The Anciens are currently grouped together in 23 Nationals, 3 Headquarters Anciens Associations and 2 point of contact, each of which is run by a Secretary and managed by a President with whom the College is frequently in contact. The aim of the Anciens' Association is to preserve and strengthen the contacts and friendships formed while serving at the NATO Defense College.

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If you wish to be informed of new NDC Research Division Publications, please click on the previous link or contact Ms Mary Di Martino at m.dimartino@ndc.nato.int, in order to be included in the mailing list.


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BRITISH  Nato College Anciens Association website

BULGARIAN  Nato College Anciens Association website

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This page contains all information useful to the Anciens' community and all documentation for the Anciens' Seminars, the previous and current one.
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